Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring of 2012

Hallo, folks! When last we spoke, the EP was half-finished on Glenn Burleigh's computer, and warm weather was but a far-off dream.  Now the sun is out, and we have a lot cooking!

Spring brings festival season to the Skekses.  Record Store Day, the Tower Groove Records compilation release, and the Big Muddy BBQ are just the beginning.  (Get the info on all these events on our "Upcoming Shows" page.)

On the home front, our EP, "Curse My Name," is FINISHED and set to release in June.  Featuring Anne Tkach on upright bass, JJ Hamon on lap steel, and Glenn Burleigh with a bunch of bells and whistles, we feel the upcoming EP perfectly captures our moody lows and spunky highs. We are waiting for a few dotted i's and crossed t's, but will be thrilled to give you release show details as soon as possible.  It'll be a killer show.

Thanks for clicking over here and checking us out.  While you're at it, stream our bandcamp of Notes on the Collapse of an Alternate Universe.  It should tide you over until the new tunes hit the streets.