According to KDHX genius Roy Kasten:
"Old-time folk meets the unholy blues in the spare and fierce sound of the Skekses. Taking its name from the reptile villains of Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal, the group keens and dreams through songs of murder, magic and monsters, carried by banjo, guitar, rattling percussion and Elly Herget's stratospheric moan. Recently pared down to the duo of Herget and Evan O'Neal (who drums for Pretty Little Empire), the Skekses proves that less is more isn't just a cliché. Herget is a gripping songwriter and singer with a voice that could tackle timeless Appalachian ballads if she chose, but whose original songs evoke the newer, personal tradition of Gillian Welch and Alela Diane."

The earliest incarnation of the Skekeses was Elly (vocals/wooden noise-boxes), Dominique (strings and things), and Coop (everything). We recorded "Notes on the Collapse of an Alternate Universe," The Skekses' first album, in July of 2010.

These days, Magic City/Rough Shop's Anne Tkach takes time out of her jet-set schedule to play upright bass with us. JJ Hamon of Demonlover and Magic City also hangs around occasionally.

"Notes on the Collapse of an Alternate Universe" was recorded and mixed by Jason Torbitzky and mastered by Matt Sawicki of Suburban Pro Studios.

Our new EP, "Curse My Name," was recorded by Glenn Burleigh and mastered by Mario Viele. Both of our records are online at bandcamp.

Banner photo by Dana Smith.