Monday, April 16, 2012

Video Mania!

Howdy folks! We've recorded three live videos in the past two weekends, and the weather and the company couldn't have been better.
Last weekend, Bill Streeter's Lo-Fi Productions stormed Cherokee street, recording 14 bands in 14 locations all along the street.  We recorded "Lonely Cowgirl" at Cherokee bikes, amongst various wrenches and wheels.  The video is due out in the next two or three weeks, and we can't wait to see it. Catch Evan in Pretty Little Empire's video as well, and Anne with Rough Shop and Fred Friction, not to mention the other ten bands who participated!
We caught fair weather between storms this weekend, and made two videos for Show Me Shows, with Jarred Gastreich on video and STL LOUD's Ryan Albritton running sound.  The videos were shot in Ellen's home country, the deep boondocks of Spanish Lake.

JJ rolled with us for accordion and banjo duty; Kiernan Maletsky of the RFT also came to interview.  Here's one of Jarred's beautiful shots:

The Show Me vids will be available a little later, closer to summer.  

Now that this moving picture business is out of the way, the Skekses are taking on the spring season of festivals around town.  Next Saturday is Record Store Day, a national holiday of which I'm sure you are aware.  We are kicking off the Tower (Groove) Power Hour at Vintage Vinyl, noon o'clock.  Click the link for a full listing of Tower Groove events throughout the weekend, and make sure to get your advanced copy of the LP Compilation in honor of the holiday!

Thanks for checking in with us little ole Skekses.  More updates to come.

--Elly, Evan, Anne