Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Shows for The Skekses

We've added a couple of dates for the season--

On April 25th, we're playing with our friends the Little Big Bangs at CBGB. Shows there are always free and I suspect the spot is smoking friendly. We heart the LBB, they are noisy and fun and I recommend dancing.

On May 11th, we'll be returning to Stag Nite at El Lenador on Cherokee Street (o dear). This show is ridiculously exciting as we will be playing with local blues champions the Rumdrum Ramblers and their buddies from New Orleans (whose name/s I will post forthwith, promise). Come check out the Ramblers before two-thirds of them disappear into the wild blue yonder with that madman LaFarge. Stag Nite is always five bucks at the door, with $1 Stags for as long as they last (or maybe 11pm). The show will start at 9--for realsies.

I heard a rumor about a show at the end of May, ya know, but I'll get the details later.