Thursday, May 10, 2012

RFT "Folk" Category Write-up!

Hey everyone, we are pleased to see our name come up in the "Folk" category for the Riverfront Times' annual music issue.

Kelsey Whipple reports:
"Fronted by Elly Herget's sympathetic drawl, The Skekses produce world-weary folk so stark and introspective that it could soundtrack both a Wild West film and a Diablo Cody vehicle. (Actually, the now-defunct HBO show Deadwood would be perfect.) Funneled through lyrical references to crime, love and metaphorical monsters, that lilt partners with tender, paired-down instrumentation dedicated to the sounds of yesterlust: temperate banjo, acoustic guitar, upright bass and lazy, wandering beats measured out through maracas and tambourine. The group, which has seen several lineup shifts since its inception, has expanded into a regular trio and occasional quartet . The band hit its stride and signature with its 2010 debut, Notes on the Collapse of an Alternate Universe, and features on Tower Groove's latest label compilation. The first full recording with the current lineup,Curse My Name, comes out June 8. "

Thanks so much to Kelsey and the RFT. Click here to see the full "Meet the Folk" article!

And let us say, it is so lovely to be in a category with such upstanding musicians.  The Lulus, Cassie Morgan, Ryan Spearman, and the Campfire Club are all stunning acts.  We ask for your vote, but let your conscience be your guide. We are just immensely pleased to be included on this impressive list.

Til next time--and that next time will be soon, I bet--